Kittens, Cake, Cats and Tea

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 22.50.38On Friday 27th May, I hosted a tea party for my friends and family in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The idea was that I would provide drinks, snacks and entertainment, whilst my guests made a small donation upon arrival. Relying heavily upon The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree for recipes, I was able to clobber together a collection of delicious foods such as: camembert, walnut and cranberry puff parcels; Earl Grey truffle cakes; a salad ‘cemetery’; Sunshine Punch; and two tea-based cocktails called Rosie Lee (rosehip, vodka) and Gunfire (English breakfast, rum). Some of my guests also brought along a selection of home-made cupcakes, to the point that I was so inundated with cake once the party was over that I was able to hold a bake-sale at work on the Tuesday.

My target was to raise at least £150, but I’m pleased to report that together we managed to absolutely smash this target by a whopping 173%, bringing in a total of £260 (plus £62.50 in Gift Aid) for the 8,000 dogs and cats that pass through Battersea’s gates every year! To give you some idea of how much money that is, £260 equates to:

  • 6 cat scratching posts
  • 2 microchips
  • Shelter for 1 abandoned animal
  • Beds, bowls, toys and treats for 5 dogs

Those who have followed me for a while will know that I also volunteer on a weekly basis at Cats Protection, and I did not waste the opportunity to raise some money here too. In addition to the money generated for Battersea, I also sold 17 Cats Protection raffle tickets at £1 each – and bought 5 of my own – totalling £22 (plus £5.50 in Gift Aid) for Cats Protection.

Final total: £350

Thank You - Angel Adoree

Speaking of Cats Protection, after 8 months of volunteering and a near-miss late last year, I finally caved and adopted a little rescue kitten of my very own. His name is Edgar, named after the 19th century horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar and Edgar; an uncanny resemblance.

Born on Easter Sunday earlier this year, he is a domestic medium hair, mostly white with black patches, and a complete and utter fluff monster. His hobbies include following my other cat Petra around the house adoringly, carrying his little pink mouse from room to room, secretly disconnecting my internet, digging up jade plants and knocking over full glasses of Cava. In fact, even as I write this blog post, he is making life very difficult by attempting to chase the cursor on my screen and by walking all over my keyboard. He has already accidentally opened Spotify, muted the sound, and turned the brightness way down. Cheers, Edgar, you adorable little beast!

That’s all for now. As always, I am several blog posts behind, but I’m hoping to write some more gig reviews and writing updates soon… If you wish to be overloaded with kitten pictures and updates on how the little monster is doing, be sure to follow my Twitter or Instagram, both of which are updated on a fairly regular basis.

Take care,

S.E. Berrow


Reserved for the EdgarAre you thinking of buying a kitten, or do you have space in your life for a little furry friend? Please consider adopting from your local shelter! Remember that when you adopt rather than buy, you save not only the cat you adopt, but also the cat that takes its place ♥

If you are feeling generous and would also like to donate despite a lack of tea, cake and cat cuddles, please visit my Just Giving page:

You can find out more about the event here; Perhaps you will feel inspired to try it yourself next year:

Lastly, Edgar’s mum (lucky enough to be adopted by a lovely man named Paul) is on Twitter! Follow her @PoppyTuxedo

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