Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 8: Question 8

Bit of a short one this week, I’m afraid. I’d answer a second question to make up for it but I’ve been so busy with my day job over the last two days that I just haven’t had the time, and before that I was caught up in a writing frenzy!

Part of the 30 Week Writing Challenge. Click here to view all questions.

8. What’s your favourite genre to write? To read?

My favourite genre to write is High Fantasy, although I have been known to branch out into contemporary Urban Fantasy/Horror with my 2014 NaNoWriMo project, Salt. This is currently on hold whilst I concentrate on finishing the first draft of The Mayor. The Mayor itself is technically a High Fantasy book because it’s set in a realm outside of our own, but it reads more like an Historical novel — I therefore typically introduce it to people as Historical Fantasy.

My favourite genre to read is also High Fantasy, followed shortly by Historical novels and Horror/Gothic Classics. I have also been known to consume a surprisingly large amount of Sci-Fi…

Essentially, I live for escapism.

You can view a list of all my favourite books here.


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