Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 14: Questions 13 and 14

I’m not late. You’re late. Ner.

Part of the 30 Week Writing Challenge. Click here to view all questions.

13. What’s your favourite culture to write, fictional or not?

I’m very much of the opinion that I need to be into whatever I’m writing at the moment, so for that reason I’m going to have to answer “mid-18th century European” culture. Rigid class structures, advancements in naval trade, colonial expansion, socio-political enlightenment… I find it all absolutely fascinating. We only ever studied the abolition of transatlantic slave trade (1787-1807) and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (1797) at school — both of which take place towards the very, very end of the 18th century, practically the 19th — so everything I end up researching for my story I find new, fresh and exciting.

14. How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

I alluded to this briefly in Week 13. Geography is one of the things I seriously wish to address in my second draft, particularly with regard to the town of New Hardway itself. I absolutely suck at drawing maps, but I do I have really vivid images in my head of what certain locations look like and where abouts they’re situated… I’m just less certain of how it all fits together.

Below is a very early map of the Taro Isles, which provides much of the backdrop for events in The Mayor. It was drawn by a very talented lady named Shannon Hawkes, whom I sadly don’t talk to anymore. I will however treasure her beautiful artwork forever ♥

The Taro Isles

Take care,

S.E. Berrow


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