Happy New Year! And a new Writerly Wednesdays Challenge…

Happy New Year, dearest followers! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and are not too sad about having to go back to work this week.

As briefly explained in my final Writerly Navel-Gazing post (click here), I’m partaking in a new writing quiz this year called ‘The 52 Week Writing Challenge’. Starting from tomorrow, I will be answering one question per week to do with my WIP (although knowing me of course I’ll probably miss a load and bombard you with them at once).

This writing challenge has been crafted by my writing partner K.F. Goodacre (click here to view the original post). Fancy joining in with us too?

All the questions are listed below. I’ll link back to each one as I answer it:

  1. Your inspiration / motivation for writing the book
  2. Write a paragraph pitching your book and then distil it into no more than 3 sentences (basically, a blurb). Show both.
  3. Who is the book for and why will they love it?
  4. Your favourite thing that DIDN’T make it into the book (such as a background story, description or an erased character)
  5. Chapter 5, Line 5… share 5 lines of your WIP and then invite 5 writers to do the same.
  6. An interview with your protagonist (See ‘Hot Seating’ for ideas or create your own)
  7. Favourite relationship in the story
  8. Alternative realities: what could have changed everything, and how?
  9. Your favourite secondary character
  10. Your thoughts on… (writing) Gardeners and Architects
  11. Your favourite minor character
  12. Language: Why a character speaks the way they do / unique slang
  13. Your book is now a film. What will work well? What won’t?
  14. What (if anything) would you like to express through your writing?
  15. Recipes in your book
  16. Your thoughts on… how to get the words down
  17. Unseen Footage: Write a short scene that fits into your book but won’t make the final cut
  18. Your writing habits
  19. Which character is most likely to survive an apocalypse?
  20. Tell us about… religion in your book
  21. An interview with your villain (See ‘Hot Seating’ for ideas or create your own)
  22. What you find easiest / hardest about the writing process
  23. Top 5 quotes from your book
  24. A minor character is now your protagonist. How do they fare?
  25. Illustrations of three of your characters
  26. Your protagonist was born a different sex. Does your story change?
  27. Your favourite location in your novel
  28. Tell us about… sports in your book
  29. Guest post: Get a friend who is familiar with your novel to speak about it
  30. Describe (or show) your book’s ideal cover
  31. Book recommendations | Fans of your book might also enjoy…?
  32. What is your protagonist’s biggest weakness?
  33. Your favourite scene
  34. Your thoughts on… Self-publishing or Traditional publishing?
  35. An interview with a character of your choice (See ‘Hot Seating’ for ideas or create your own)
  36. A day in the life of your protagonist
  37. Which writer would you trust to finish your book if you weren’t able?
  38. What is your villain’s biggest regret?
  39. Your book is now a film. Who is in your Dream Cast?
  40. A day in the life of your villain
  41. Your favourite sub-plot
  42. Your thoughts on… killing your darlings
  43. Your most frustrating character
  44. The character people would introduce to their parents
  45. Tell us about… Travel in your novel
  46. Speak about someone else’s WIP
  47. Your thoughts on… queries and rejection
  48. What are your goals as a writer?
  49. Tell us about… Crime and punishment in your novel
  50. The character you’d least like to meet in a dark alley
  51. Your villain was born a different sex. Does your story change?
  52. Happily Ever After… Is it possible for every character to get what they want?

If you fancy having a go yourself, be sure to tag your post #AcresOfInk so we can all find each other ♥

Good luck!

S.E. Berrow


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