#AcresOfInk Writing Challenge ~ Week 1: Question 1

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1. Your inspiration/motivation for writing the book:

I think I must have spoken about my main inspiration for The Mayor in previous blog posts, but I’ll just repeat it here for the sake of not having to trawl through them all to find it!

The Mayor was inspired by a Rasputina song of the same name. One day I was listening to the lyrics and was inspired to create the character of William Kale; the “blond-haired boy who brought his mother joy”. He pretty much strode into my head fully-formed along with The Mayor‘s protagonist, Melora Winship (named for Melora Creager who Rasputina’s founder, lead singer and first chair). I created the two of them to play off against each other.

It then took me quite a bit of time to shape the plot and overall setting of the novel (18th century fantasy world with a focus on shipbuilding, pirates and sugar), and for that I had many other inspirations, but certainly Rasputina’s ‘The Mayor’ is the song that started it all.

As for my motivation to write… Whilst it’s true my aim is to eventually hammer The Mayor into an acceptable enough state to query with publishers, it’s not my main motivation to write. I just have this uncontrollable compulsion to write and tell stories. Even if you told me I’d never succeed in getting anything published in my lifetime, I’d still write, because I don’t write because I want to; I write because I have to.

S.E. Berrow


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