#AcresOfInk Writing Challenge ~ Week 2: Question 2

Part of the 52 Week Writing Challenge. Click here to view all questions.

2. Write a paragraph pitching your book and then distil it into no more than 3 sentences (basically, a blurb). Show both:

First of all, let it be known that I despair K.F. Goodacre made this a Week 2 question for this writing challenge. Pitching a book is one of the hardest things authors have to do, even authors who’ve been published for years. I don’t even have a completed first draft of The Mayor yet, let alone a polished synopsis, so please bear this in mind when reading my submission for this week!

The paragraph:

When handsome newcomer William Kale darkens the doorway of Winship and Carson and commissions the construction of a magnificent new sail ship, he instantly captures the attention of Craven Winship’s foolhardy but impressionable young daughter, Melora. Feeling trapped by the expectations of her father, and intimidated by the advances of her hapless colleague Jaspher, Melora is drawn to Kale’s worldliness, fine looks, and ready wit. But who exactly is William Kale and is he all that he claims to be?

Oh look, it’s already 3 sentences. Genius at work here.

I actually hate my blurb. It sounds like the start of a cheesy Mills & Boon romance novel.

~*~Spoiler alert!~*~ It’s not. ~*~ End spoiler ~*~

One day I will rewrite it, but it is not this day.

S.E. Berrow


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