Acres of InkOne of my oldest and dearest friends, Kim doubles up as my writing partner and acts as the first line of defence when it comes to sounding out my creative ideas. Kim has recently completed writing her debut novel, The Elder Throne; the first book in the The Equinox Trilogy and Seelie-Court Series.

Cats ProtectionI make no secret of the fact that I’m a huge cat lover and passionate about feline welfare; I volunteer and donate regularly to my local Cats Protection. Have you got space in your home for a little furry companion? If so, please check out the Cats Protection website and search for a local branch near you. Remember, when you adopt a rescue cat, you save not only the life of the cat you adopt, but also the life of the cat that takes its place!


My main source of inspiration is the music of cello-rock outfit, Rasputina. I was fortunate to meet its founder, singer and lead-cellist Melora Creager back in 2013, and received her blessing to write my stories based on her work. Rasputina’s songs are wide-ranging in both style and content, but their main recurring theme concerns marginalised historical female-figures.

BrettartsI often commission inspirational artwork of my characters from a fabulous illustrator called Brett. He can be a bit late on delivery sometimes, but his rate is extremely reasonable and his talent is second to none, plus he gives you rights over the images.

BUYER BEWARE: Do your research before signing up to Fiverr. You can trust Brett, but there are a lot of scams out there and Fiverr’s refund system is dodgy!