“Redcoat Jack is on the tele.”

Well. That’s certainly not a text I was expecting to receive from my writing partner K.F. Goodacre, but receive it I did.

Knowing there was only one programme any respecting English person could possibly be watching on this particular Saturday night, I flipped over to BBC One and low and behold, my character Redcoat Jack was indeed on the television!

Poland, Eurovision 2016
Redcoat Jack appears in my work-in-progress, The Mayor; I talk a little about him and his characterisation here.

OK, not quite… Singer Michał Szpak was at that moment performing in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, representing his home-country of Poland. But my God, the resemblance was uncanny (minus the black nail polish). As I said to Kim, he even had the terrible drunken singing down to a tee. It’s like my brain vomited onto the television screen. So weird!

Though Michał finished second to last place with the Eurovision jurors with just 7 points, he shot up to eighth place overall after receiving a massive 229 points from the European public who, I presume, voted for him solely on the basis that he was dressed like a pirate. Arrrr!

If you can bear it, Michał Szpak’s performance is available to view here.

Take care,

S.E. Berrow

For those of you who have no bloody idea what I’m talking about, you can learn out all about the batshit insanity that is the Eurovision Song Contest by visiting the official website: