“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” ~ Charles Dickens

After a pretty dreadful week, the Berrow family very sadly had to say goodbye to a grand old lady today. My parents’ cat Minnie very sadly passed away this morning. She was put to sleep very peacefully by our lovely vet, after rapidly deteriorating over the last week or so from – we presume – cancer. She was very nearly 17 years old (84 in cat years), and I was just 10 when we first brought her home as a runty little kitten with a stubby tail. She led such a good happy life, full of love and comfort, and I will sorely miss her squashed-in, cute little face of fluff. So. Much. Fluff.

Rest in peace, my beautiful badass babushka; you will be sorely missed ♥

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse
27 July 1999 ~ 28 June 2016