Phantoms, Dollhouses and Easter Wishes

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely long weekend. For those of you who are working over the Easter Holidays, I will keep you in my thoughts! ♥ No writing challenge answers this week. Today's blog post consists of Important Life Updates: I've moved house! Yes, it's true. I've temporarily moved back … Continue reading Phantoms, Dollhouses and Easter Wishes


#AcresOfInk Writing Challenge ~ Week 9: Questions 7 & 8

Yes, I'm massively behind. WHAT OF IT? You're not the boss of me. Don't tell me what to do. Part of the 52 Week Writing Challenge. Click here to view all questions. 7. Favourite relationship in the story Telling you my actual favourite relationship (which, incidentally, is a romantic one) would be spoilerific, so today I'm going to talk … Continue reading #AcresOfInk Writing Challenge ~ Week 9: Questions 7 & 8

Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 11: Questions 10 and 11

Part of the 30 Week Writing Challenge. Click here to view all questions. 10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts! Well, one of my characters is in a retroactive, cross-dimensional relationship with a faerie prince from one of K.F. Goodacre's stories... Does … Continue reading Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 11: Questions 10 and 11

Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 10: Question 9

As mentioned on a previous blog post, I missed a week of this challenge. Today I originally intended to answer two questions to make up for it, but my answer to Question 9 ended up being so long, I've decided to answer two questions next week instead (sorry!). Part of the 30 Week Writing Challenge. … Continue reading Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 10: Question 9

Meet The Characters

I have added a new section to The Mayor section of my website entitled 'Meet The Characters'. Here you can see beautiful illustrations of each of my four main characters --Melora, Jaspher, Kale and John -- drawn for me by my wonderful illustrator, Brettarts (read more about him in Affiliates). By clicking a character image you … Continue reading Meet The Characters

“Redcoat Jack is on the tele.”

Well. That's certainly not a text I was expecting to receive from my writing partner K.F. Goodacre, but receive it I did. Knowing there was only one programme any respecting English person could possibly be watching on this particular Saturday night, I flipped over to BBC One and low and behold, my character Redcoat Jack was indeed on the television! … Continue reading “Redcoat Jack is on the tele.”

La Pomme D’Or

I was asked by my writing partner K.F. Goodacre the other day if I knew of any old English or Irish female given names that meant 'hero'. She asked me this question because she was looking to name a new character, whom I supposed she wished to embody heroic traits, but in actual fact was … Continue reading La Pomme D’Or