Phantoms, Dollhouses and Easter Wishes

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely long weekend. For those of you who are working over the Easter Holidays, I will keep you in my thoughts! ♥ No writing challenge answers this week. Today's blog post consists of Important Life Updates: I've moved house! Yes, it's true. I've temporarily moved back … Continue reading Phantoms, Dollhouses and Easter Wishes


It’s official: I have The Fear

I have just over 2 months left to finish my first draft of The Mayor. Crap. In an attempt to be positive about this, I've worked out the following: According to my current plan, I only have 8 more chapters left to write. Two of these 'chapters' are actually 1-2 page 'interludes'. I'm about halfway … Continue reading It’s official: I have The Fear

Anniversaries, Corvidae and FIfty Shades of Grey

I've had a really lovely weekend. Yesterday was mine and the boyfriend's one year anniversary. To celebrate, we went out for a Leggara pizza at Pizza Express, followed by a trip to Cineworld to see The Martian. The Martian, based on the book by Andy Weir (which I reviewed on my Goodreads here), is about an astronaut named … Continue reading Anniversaries, Corvidae and FIfty Shades of Grey