Happy Pride Month, everybody!

Today I am sharing with you an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork drawn by one of my Creative Den–Discord friends, Jules (check out more of his artwork here on Twitter and Instagram).

To celebrate Pride 2019, Jules has drawn this stunning ensemble piece featuring some of the Creative Den’s original LGBT+ characters. Among then is my own character, Jonathan Carson! That’s him on the far-left; fitting in more ways than one, I feel.


Just like his creator (that’s me!), John is bisexual — that’s the Bisexual Pride flag tied around his wrist. I have spoken a little of John’s sexuality before. You can read all about it here!

Other characters featured (left-to-right) in this piece are:

  • M.P. Pierce‘s Raphael (representing Asexual Pride)
  • Jules’s own Doe & Moxie (representing Lesbian and Transgender Pride)
  • K.F. Goodacre‘s Spindle Larkspur (Genderfluid Pride)

I absolutely love this piece and can’t stop staring at it, or gushing about it. Thank you so much, Jules! You’re such an incredibly talented artist and I’d love for this to become a series. The Creative Den–Discord still has an abundance of LGBT+ characters for you to play with, after all… We’re a queer old lot.

Take care, my beloved LGBT+ followers. I know it’s hard to stay positive in this world, which may seem on a par with an increasingly dystopian nightmare at times, but we’ve got to stick together and keep going. I love you all. Stay safe, and be kind to yourselves.

Big, bisexual love,

S.E. Berrow



Writerly Navel-Gazing ~ Week 5: Question 5

Part of the 30 Week Writing Challenge. Click here to view all questions.

4. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about youngest and oldest in terms of when you created them?

In terms of actual age, Melora is the youngest. She is just 15 years old at the start of the Part One. The oldest character in The Mayor is Old Dickie (the clue is in the name!) who is in his 60s. He is a major character introduced in Part Two.

In terms of when I created my characters, Kale came first and is therefore the oldest. He strode straight into my head one day whilst I was listening to ‘The Mayor’ by Rasputina: “All we saw was a mystery of a blonde haired boy who brought his mother joy with his pedigree and family tree”. Kale’s actual age is a deliberate mystery, even to me. My newest character is a woman named Liz Moore (actual age, 30). At the time of writing she is barely 4 months old! I shall talk some more about her in Week 19…


S.E. Berrow

Three More Characters For You To Meet

The magnificent Brettarts has done it again and drawn three more of my characters for you to meet and greet. They are Eleanor “Nell” Shoar, Old Dickie and Elizabeth “Liz” Moore. Unlike all the other characters you’ve met so far –all of whom are introduced in Part One of The Mayor — these three aren’t introduced until Part Two, set nine years later.

You can check them out on the Meet The Characters Page by clicking here.

I hope you love them as much as I do and are intrigued to learn their stories!

S.E. Berrow

Some New Characters For You To Meet!

The ever wonderful and very talented Brettarts has drawn two more of my characters for me. They are Craven Winship and Jeremiah Carson. You can check them out on the Meet The Characters Page by clicking here.

Here is some more information exclusive to this post that you might be interested in:

Craven is the father of my protagonist, Melora. He is an incredibly astute man with a head for figures, hailing from a very wealthy family who owned an accountancy firm. Though open-minded and entrepreneurial, he can also a bit of an obdurate traditionalist, which leads to conflict with his equally headstrong daughter.

Jeremiah meanwhile is father to my deuteragonists, Jaspher and John. Originally the captain of a timber trading vessel, he has always preferred a life at sea to running the family business, happy to leave such matters to other people, such as his own father, his wife Sofia, and now his son, Jaspher.

Though they are two very different men with very different priorities and hailing from opposite ends of the social spectrum, together Craven and Jeremiah own the shipbuilding company Winship and Carson, where the vast majority of events in Book One take place.

If you are wondering where the two mothers are (Annabel Winship and Sofia Carson respectively), they are both unfortunately dead. Bearing children in the 18th century-esque was an incredibly risky business. Though doctors and hospitals by this point were becoming more involved in the birthing process, this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. In fact, it often made things a whole lot worse!

S.E. Berrow

Meet The Characters

I have added a new section to The Mayor section of my website entitled ‘Meet The Characters’. Here you can see beautiful illustrations of each of my four main characters –Melora, Jaspher, Kale and John — drawn for me by my wonderful illustrator, Brettarts (read more about him in Affiliates).

By clicking a character image you can read more information about their story as well as discover some fun stuff like what dæmon I think they would have (Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials), what Hogwarts house they belong to (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter) or what Tarot Card I most associate them with.

I may add to these character pages as time goes on so be sure to check back regularly for updates. In the meantime, click here to get acquainted.

Take care,

S.E. Berrow

The Mayor: Playlist

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that as of early Sunday morning there is a new page on my website underneath the section dedicated to my WIP, The Mayor. It contains a playlist.

Yes, as is fashionable nowadays (cheers, Stephenie Meyer) I have decided to share with you the music and songs that have either heavily inspired The Mayor or remind me of certain characters. I’ve had this playlist for years and years now (The Mayor has been brewing since roughly 2008). The other night I rediscovered it and made the dreadful mistake of putting it on at 1am thinking that it might help me sleep. Two hours later I was wide-awake, buzzing with ideas, scribbling frantically in my Evernote and cursing myself because I had to get up in a few hours to help walk my boyfriend’s dog. I think this means the playlist does its job…

I’ve put the songs in some form of vague chronological order so that you might be able to glean elements of the plot just by listening, although some songs e.g. ‘Identity Tokens’ and ‘Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)’ don’t even correspond directly with the plot, they just conjure up a very particular atmosphere or character’s plight that inspires me to write. Others are more explicit e.g. ‘Trust Me’, ‘Electioneering’ and ‘In All My Dreams I Drown’ relate to very specific scenes. Others simply tell of a character’s motivations e.g. ‘Building Ships’ is Jaspher’s theme, ‘The Night’ is John’s and so on. The most important song on the playlist for me is without a doubt Rasputina’s ‘The Mayor’, which is the song that inspired the book in its entirety as well as its title. Rather unfortunately I could only find the live version on Spotify, but it serves the same purpose.

The playlist is largely devoid of my usual metal fare and is instead littered with baroque-goth sea shanties. It should hopefully successfully transport any listener to an 18th century shipping town riddled with pirates, sex-scandals and political corruption.

Click here to listen, and enjoy!

S.E. Berrow

Welcome to the new official website for S.E. Berrow

It’s much like the old one, only slicker, tidier and, from a personal point of view, easier to maintain. I’ve migrated away from Blogger largely due to my complete inability to work Google’s interface, plus WordPress has lots of really great features that I hope to take advantage of in order to blog – and hopefully write! – more often.

So, as I continue to make headway on my current projects, Salt (a psychological urban fantasy thriller set within the dark underbelly of New Orleans) and The Mayor (an epic historical fantasy set on the high seas of the 18th century), here is a list of things you can look forward to reading about in the not-too-distant future:

  • Updates on my writing progress
  • Notes on my writing process and inspirations
  • Any interesting research that I come across
  • Music, gig and book reviews (on this latter point, you may wish to check out my Goodreads)
  • General life updates
  • Pictures of my cat

I’m also looking forward to building up my website’s content in order to make it a more informative and interactive experience for you all.

In the meantime, take care, and I shall speak with you soon.

S.E. Berrow