2017: Year In Review

Last year when I did my annual review, I talked about how I felt as though I'd sleepwalked through the whole of 2016 (click here). I didn't write, didn't exercise, felt like I was sinking beneath a mountain of debt and like I'd never amount to anything. Amidst a pretty depressing backdrop of political upheaval, … Continue reading 2017: Year In Review


2016: Year In Review

For me personally, 2016 was a total write-off. I feel like I sleep-walked my way through most of this year. I hardly managed to do any writing, I didn't do enough exercise, and financially I seem to be worse off than when I started. These last couple of months have been better, because back in late November I … Continue reading 2016: Year In Review

2015: Year In Review

This is a 'thing' I do every year amongst my friends. As http://www.seberrow.com went live for the first time this year, I thought it only appropriate to share it with you here as well! 1. Album that surpassed all others: Haven by Kamelot An amazing follow-up to the compariatively mediocre Silverthorn, Haven is Kamelot's second album featuring their … Continue reading 2015: Year In Review